Thursday, January 27, 2011

1/27/2011 life and some decisions that need to be made

Ok so as far as it goes iam a little embarssed to say that i have gained 40lbs since i have been married not good :( !! So for that like I said in my last blog I have decided to loose some weight and what I thought would be a safe and healthy weight to loose was 55lbs which will put me down to 158lbs so I have a journey to go with that. Allso something else Iam wanting to do is go back to school and take a few classes in photography to further my skills and maybe a few other classes as well nothing like making the mind sharp, maybe a writting class or something along those lines since i love to write when my mind is in its own, lol. Allso by the end of the summer me and matt hope to be looking at a new house we orginaly had a goal of the end of spring but iam not sure its going to happen we are still striving for that but we will see. Then hopefully I will have a office and if i have enough clients comeing in through my photography I can work at home but intill then my focus is loseing some weight, taking some classes, getting a part time job and focus on looking for a new home with more space and washer dryer hook up cause let me tell you it sucks not having a washer and dryer in your house.Baby making has been put on hold to much stress right now and i dont want to be stressed to the max and pregnant just not a good combination so hopefully once we get a bigger house we can start working on that again because i cant wait to start are family, and as much as i would love to be pregnant right now it is obviousbly just not the right time in are life and we are still young, and if push comes to shove and we are unable we will just adopt so yeah lol i know I would rather have my own children but if it comes down to it then thats what we will do. Everyday God gives us choices to make its up to us to make the right ones and if we dont at first then we must learn from are mistakes and keep pushing forward.

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  1. Hey Girl, Well we have about the same amount to lose, so lets get going, did a 12 min mile yesterday. I am proud of you for the decisions you have made, I know you have added stress right now, hopefully it will be gone soon. God has a plan for you and Matt and as long as you keep your focus on Him, He will bring you through whatever the trial is, they only make us stronger. Babies are precious and I know that you and Matt will be fantabulous parents and I believe in God's time you will have one. Patience is not easy when waiting on the Lord, but it does make us stronger. You and Matt get gold stars for your kindness and loyalty to your friends. You are the best. Let me know if I can help in anyway weight wise or other. Blessings to your house from mine.