Monday, January 17, 2011

The next 120 Days

Ok so the next 120 days I have decided to challange myself. Iam not sure how much I weigh at this moment I know its more than what I want to Wheigh and so fat girl has got to go.So for the next 120 days I have decided to drink nothing but water and juices, eat healther and less than what I do Take a carb blocker and some CLA 500 and some slimmetry and lets see where this goes. Also since i dont really own any exercise equipment and dont really have the money to join a gym at this moment I do have the Exercise on demand channel so in order to get my body where I want it in the next 120 days I have decided to do on the days i can fit them in three of the exercise shows and on the days i have to work or just have to much to acomplish one in the morning and one at night before bed.We will see how far this gets me posted bellow is the most recent photo of me and its not so hot so lets see what I look like in 120 Days!!!

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  1. Hey girl, All brides are beautiful no matter their size and you are beautiful inside and out. Remember God is the Potter, you are clay and he is not done with you yet. I will take the challenge with you and that will give us motivation and accountability. I have a page at that I keep track of food, fitness and all kinds of other stuff. It is a great tool and it is free. YOu can do this and I know I can too! My first goal is 5 lbs by Feb 1st. My first long term is 30 pounds by May 31st. Lets get it going girl!