Sunday, November 28, 2010

The past four days including Thanksgiving!! 11/29/2010

Ok so lol the colors look like the Mcdonalds colors lol i know crazy I love color though why live in a life of dullness, Life was ment to be fun,colorful and exciting. Ok so I have to decided to do my photography for me  now Iam tired of people sucking the fun out of it, when i started doing my photography it was for the fun aspect of it and now its not fun anymore and its draining me I want something fun for me to do so for now on all my shoots are free and who ever will get there photos on a disk. Allso Thanksgiving was good I was a little sad I didnt get to spend as much time as I would have liked to with my family even though Matts family is mine to Iam just soooo used to certian tradtions expecally the ones when my Grandfather was around he was such and amazing man and I miss him so much he made everything better when no one else could but anyways back to Thanks Giving we spent and hour and half at my Grandmothers house and then we went to Matts family to spend the rest of it there it was pretty good, I just wished my family my was as close as they used to be there just seems to be a bit of awkwardness which it could have just been me but nothing feels the same anymore and feel like everyone is just drifting apart and that the only reason that everyone gets togather is due to the fact that its the Holidays and there family not because they want to spend time with each other but because its Just the Holidays does anyone else feel like thats just sad besides me? Ok so Matts job has been crazy with work and I have hardly seen him lattely but the past four days with him have been wonderful  I love him so much he is so amazing and I enjoy spending each day working on are realtionship i cant wait till the day we are both free from a job and get to travel the world togather and do fun things and just sleep in on the rainy days what a blast that will be "I dont think Blast really describes how wonderful it will be". Ok so today I got so much done in the house cleaning and organizing and I belive I created more space i know right crazy are tiny little 2 bedroom 1 small bathroom house. Anyways so the guest room is all cleaned up now well for the most part I have laundry to put away tommorow and much more Just hopeing whatever is wrong with me goes away and I feel better soon,  Tonight I watched Eat,Pray,Love the movie and its not really your typical movie that leaves you wanting more but its really good and I think i have three new places to add to my travel that I have seen how beautful they made the places look in the movie I know its just a movie and movies are fake but I really want to go to Rome Italy now and I want to go to India and to Baili which Baili was just absoultly breathtaking in the movie I think I could live there for awhile lol, but we will see once i vist I may change my mind, Anyways thats all for now thanks for reading going to go finish up some things read then bed will probaly update on wensday night or thursday after we have put up are christmas tree and decorated some more in which that case i will take photos and post them so yaaay for that, so good bye for now.

Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Amazing 11/23/2010

Ok so you know when you hear the little sayings in life the little quotes that sound amazing but you wonder if they are true, Well Iam pretty sure one of them is for example the one that seems to be true for my life which is, " No matter how hard life is at the end of the day when you have fallen pick yourself back up dust off your knees and just keep going, because bigger and greater things are just around the corner if you just keep trying."

Life sometimes seems to get hard right before great things happen for us, but those great things only happen if you dont let them get to you and you keep going no matter what and become a fighter for you dreams and goals in life. Sometimes when people in your life that love you and want great things for you but dont understand what your doing or why you are doing because they think it wont work they discourage you not because they dont care but because they want to protect you. Lattely things in my life have been a little harder than normal with the way the econmy is and all like a lot of other people out there even though I have many projects in the works like my photography and a few others and then are business to generate income comeing in our house hold since i havent been able to find or keep a decent job in awhile. Well great news for us Matts getting a promotion at this moment we are not sure what kind of promotion but hopefully it will come with a payraise because i dont know if anyone has noticed but life sucks and not all promotions come with a payraise as much as we would like it but we are keeping are fingers crossed and praying for the best. With that said he has more hours and with that hes paychecks have been better and if he gets a raise they will be even better so making it posible really soon if i dont find a job that i will be able to stay at home work on my projects that i will soon be bloging about soon, giving me more time in the day to get things done that need to get done that wouldnt if i had a job. Which is awesome I cant express how excited iam about this there are not enough words cause lets face it who likes to have a boss no one does it sucks so i might posible be getting the opportunity to be my own boss and start designing and sewing the dog and childrens clothes i have been wanting to do but not have the time or money to do so, Allso Iam thinking about taking on some clients in the neighborhood and doing some dog walking a little extra to help out with the expenses of fabric and thread and other things needed to do what iam wanting to do which will give me exercise as well since iam wanting to loose some weight before we start are family  which is awesome because this will give me the time to get everything i want and need to get done in a day and not have to stress about major issues that come with having a boss. In the end its great because a lot of people who know me I get really bad headaches not sure where they come from or why i get them but i do and some days its very hard for me to even function so with this it will make things so much eaiser for me when i have my own scedulle still making money getting things done around the house that need to be done and still having time to exercise and do things I love how awesome I love it and I love my amazing husband because with out him none of this would be posible for me and i would have to suffer and work a job with my headaches, life is amazing what can I say and now I will have the time to get everything done for are business and are home and still live very comfortable whoooo thats something to be excited about.

Friday, November 19, 2010

Dreams,Goals,Inspiration,Life.... 11/19/2010

A Goal is nothing but a Dream that is being Act opon.....

Iam A Wife, A Daughter, A Grandaughter, A Photographer, A Business Owner and Much more. Everyone Has Dreams and Goals in life, but saying one thing and acting opon them is another. In the past few years I have changed so much as an Indivdual, I dont say that bragging or oooo in your face, I say that because in order to succed in life there must be change in order to move on to that next step. I have gained freinds and lost some, I know now its for the better and that my life is going to be better than great when iam six feet under. I want to leave an Impact not a pin prick in this world. Me and Matthew have big plans for are life, Yes i know this sounds crazy because right now we rent a small two bedroom house with no room for a washer or dryer but hey its not how big your storm is its how big your God is right? How many times a day do you hear that you cant do something or you tell someone that they cant do something who gives us the right to say something cant be done when anything is posible when we set are minds to it. When Thomas Edison was invinting the Light Bulb he didnt fail 10,000 times he just found 10,000 ways not to build a lightbulb. We only fail at life and are dreams and goals when we give up and quit, so never say failure is not an option because when we learned how to ride a bike when we where younger how did we learn by failing, its try try try succed not try try try quit. Never let anyone in life tell you can not do something because that something did not work for them or someone they know if everyone followed that advice where would everyone be in this world we would not have the great invintions that we do have today in life would we have cars or would we still be walking or ridding horses? I know its a lot to think about but really people how many of you pay tons of money to go to school and graduate and then end up not doing in life what you went to school for  can we say waste of money? I mean Iam not downing education but lets get logical here, now if your not trying to accompish anything in life thats another story but who doesnt want great things out of life, I cant think of anyone but a Goal is only a Dream unless act opon. Allso you will never regret the things you did in life as much as you will regret the things in life you never tried. Yes me and my Husband have a busniess from Amway but powered by LTD educations system, Iam not brain washed, Iam not in a cult, I do not do a pyrmiad scheme, Its crazy the things I hear due to lack of knowledge from some people how can some people say the things they do say when they have not taken the risk to try it?  Anyways enough with the Negative. I cant wait to achive great things in my life, I will open a foundation in my Grandfathers name for the burned children, I will travel the world, I will do great things in my life for other people and who is there to stop me no one because i dont take no for an answer and I will not let someone tell me anymore something can not be done due to the fact they think it wont work or because something did not work for them that is being affraid of your dreams, and goals in life and I have wonderful freinds and family in my life weither someone is there to pick me up when i fall or to encourage me to keep going i know that i will make all my dreams  come true because I have the inspiration to make them into Goals and to take action.

Freinds and Freindship 11/19/2010

I have allways hoped that one day I would have the best freinds that I allways had been to everyone else. I learned in order to have Great "Best Freinds" you have to be a Best freind first. To me Being a freind to someone means much more than just hanging out and partying on the weekends after work or school. A best freind is there to support you no matter what encourage you to do what ever it is your dreams and goals in life are and not bring you down. I heard once that if the people you hang out with make you feel worse about yourself after you are done hanging out with them, then they are not the type of people that you want as freinds or want to hang around. I can honestly say I belive I have found the "Best Freinds" that i want in my life. I used to think that some others"old assocaites"  were those people but I was wrong I even went as far to put up walls to see if they cared enough to break them down and my theroy was proven and not the way i wanted it to be. Iam glad to see this now I dont want to go through my life with Fake freinds and thats why iam truely blessed to have wonderful freinds in my life now. Freindship is not something you can buy with a beer or a trip out to the club or night out on the town or just a wild party at that persons house, Freindship takes time trust honesty and a constant person or persons to be there for you no matter what when your life is at its worst when you feel like you cant go on anymore the one that helps you out of that pit of Hell, the one who dances with you in the rain of the storms of your life, they are your cheerleaders of your life that encourage you to continue when you feel you cant anymore. Its not your 100's of freinds you have on Facebook either that you added just because they have so many freinds in common with you, Its the person you can count on to change your tire when you call them at 3 in the morning or you just need to talk. Iam truley blessed to have true freinds that i can count on my 10 fingers, that are allways there no matter what to help me through this journey this life of mine, I will allways be here for them just like I know in my heart of hearts that they will allways be there for me.

Thursday, November 11, 2010

Ok so here we go my first Blog, whooo super excited to see where this goes, well a little about my crazness Iam 26 years old I will be officaly married for one year in 10 days. Me and Matthew have five children(pets)The first two that blessed are home are Akeno and Dusty, Akeno has extra paws constantly is getting into things he shouldnt and is orange. Dusty aka The Tank is a Main coon kitty and he weighs way more than your average house cat probaly i would have to say 25 pounds big kitty who does nothing but eat and sleep and from time to time he will beg like a dog not sure where that came from but yeah. Then theres Nicky he was are next child he is what we think a Chorkie not sure we rescued him from an abused home and i must say he is much happier and spoiled now. We did have some other kids but we had to get rid of them they where to much to deal with but then we decided hey we can do another cat right so I catch this wild little thing that has taken residence under my bed as his safety hide out when he thinks you want to hold him thats where L-Dub runs he is a fluffy orange Manix kitty who is an absoultly beautful cat, And then Theres Bella are fifth and last child she is a Morkie, she is my Terroist of the house. My mom talked me into getting this dog and let me just say i wasnt so happy about her at first. Bella Chews, she runs away and she doesnt listen and we are working on house training fun fun, i really think she would be a great hunting dog because she stalks the cats like she would stalk her prey.

Ok so on with me Iam 26 Iam a photographer, and I have decided iam going to start doing a lot of things like having our own Indoor Garden, and Making Dog clothes and maybe childrens i havent totaly decided on the childrens clothes yet, but before i can do that my G-MA has to show me how to sew so iam sure those will be some topics comeing up on my blogs. Allso iam on a journey for myself to loose a little weight because we are in the process of trying to start are family soon and I dont want to be overweight and pregnant just not a great combination so I have started walking on a regular bassis with Nicky and Bella and well thats a story on its on. Iam allso thinking of becomeing a dog walker I live in such a big neighborhood and there are so many busy professonals that live in here that i dont belive really have the time to walk there dogs so thats something else iam going to add to the list of things to try.

Theres a lot of stuff comeing up here soon, so iam sure i will be bloging about that stuff here shortly so stay tunned and if it ever gets to sounding confusing just let me know i get a little ahead of myself sometimes