Monday, January 3, 2011

2011 new start

So putting 2010 in the past, so excited to move on to the future new goals and dreams with actions being put into place to make things happen this year. I belive more than anything in this world this is the year to make things happen. From are business to are personal life its going to be an amazing year with are new goals to be in a bigger house hopefully by the end of spring, to having are business take a big leap forward so that we can help others the way God created us to do so, Allso hopefully starting are family (yaaay)!!! And putting all mistakes in the past and starting with a fresh slate, Getting a job but it wont be forever think God, and not allways looking for approval from everyone else before we make a big decision in are lives because we learn from are mistakes and if we make a few in the adult part of are lives so be it and not taking life so seriously because we where only given one life and so why not have fun in the process of becomeing a sucessful person and not let every little comment get to me the way it has in the past. I would love to think that I have grown up so much as an individual since i have meet Matthew he has completed me and are life is going to be amazing togather and nothing is going to stop that yes we may make a few mistakes along the way but who hasnt.Allso a personal goal for myself is to stop pre-judgeing everyone and let people in i know due to high school years i had put a wall up keeping people out but iam ready to let my guard down and give people a chance to finally see the real me and not dwell on the past and past freindships and relationships with people. Even though people have hurt me in the recent past old freinds and Family I cant let it eat at me forever and have to move on because there are bigger and greater things around the corner if i just hold my head up and let them happen. Another personal goal is to attemp iam not saying i will stick to it but iam going to try to loose 50 pounds before summer i know everyone allways says a simular goal to start out the new year but iam serious about it because i want to be in better shape for when me and Matt have children which will hopefully be soon. So in the mean time its time to get busy and put action in place of the words and live a better life and discover how great i could be if i just make some small adjustments to myself and attiude.

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