Thursday, March 17, 2011

3/17/2011 Happy Birthday Grandpaw!!!

Ok so excuse my last blog i guess its not a great idea for me to write when iam mad so iam going to delete that posting.I should know by now that my mom will do whatever she can to push my buttons at times, it just hurts i figured she would have truley grown up by now. So I figured that me not loseing weight and being depressed from time to time has a lot to do with my issues with my parents and not feeling i guess totaly loved growning up. I know that everyone has there issues and that not everyone's home life is not perfect we are all human but it would be great for things to change iam tired of allways trying to please people who dont seem grateful. So In order for me to move on with myself and my life and my goals and dreams Iam going to have to get past it, and to move on I know today being my grandfathers Birthday I miss him so much and so today my birthday gift to him is to change me for the better.
I from now on strive to put the past in the past to get over it. Everyone that has hurt me in the past i forgive them some of them its harder for me than others but i forgive them. I strive to move forward with my dreams, I will loose weight for me, I will be a great wonderful photographer that will have more clients than i can handle. Life will get better I will grow better relationships with people i truley care about and let go of the past and move on to the future I cant continue with my life and achive my dreams if I dont change me for the better, no matter how hard it is to do this I will make it happen, Not for anyone but me but it starts tomorrow no more lol!!!

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