Sunday, November 28, 2010

The past four days including Thanksgiving!! 11/29/2010

Ok so lol the colors look like the Mcdonalds colors lol i know crazy I love color though why live in a life of dullness, Life was ment to be fun,colorful and exciting. Ok so I have to decided to do my photography for me  now Iam tired of people sucking the fun out of it, when i started doing my photography it was for the fun aspect of it and now its not fun anymore and its draining me I want something fun for me to do so for now on all my shoots are free and who ever will get there photos on a disk. Allso Thanksgiving was good I was a little sad I didnt get to spend as much time as I would have liked to with my family even though Matts family is mine to Iam just soooo used to certian tradtions expecally the ones when my Grandfather was around he was such and amazing man and I miss him so much he made everything better when no one else could but anyways back to Thanks Giving we spent and hour and half at my Grandmothers house and then we went to Matts family to spend the rest of it there it was pretty good, I just wished my family my was as close as they used to be there just seems to be a bit of awkwardness which it could have just been me but nothing feels the same anymore and feel like everyone is just drifting apart and that the only reason that everyone gets togather is due to the fact that its the Holidays and there family not because they want to spend time with each other but because its Just the Holidays does anyone else feel like thats just sad besides me? Ok so Matts job has been crazy with work and I have hardly seen him lattely but the past four days with him have been wonderful  I love him so much he is so amazing and I enjoy spending each day working on are realtionship i cant wait till the day we are both free from a job and get to travel the world togather and do fun things and just sleep in on the rainy days what a blast that will be "I dont think Blast really describes how wonderful it will be". Ok so today I got so much done in the house cleaning and organizing and I belive I created more space i know right crazy are tiny little 2 bedroom 1 small bathroom house. Anyways so the guest room is all cleaned up now well for the most part I have laundry to put away tommorow and much more Just hopeing whatever is wrong with me goes away and I feel better soon,  Tonight I watched Eat,Pray,Love the movie and its not really your typical movie that leaves you wanting more but its really good and I think i have three new places to add to my travel that I have seen how beautful they made the places look in the movie I know its just a movie and movies are fake but I really want to go to Rome Italy now and I want to go to India and to Baili which Baili was just absoultly breathtaking in the movie I think I could live there for awhile lol, but we will see once i vist I may change my mind, Anyways thats all for now thanks for reading going to go finish up some things read then bed will probaly update on wensday night or thursday after we have put up are christmas tree and decorated some more in which that case i will take photos and post them so yaaay for that, so good bye for now.

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