Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Amazing 11/23/2010

Ok so you know when you hear the little sayings in life the little quotes that sound amazing but you wonder if they are true, Well Iam pretty sure one of them is for example the one that seems to be true for my life which is, " No matter how hard life is at the end of the day when you have fallen pick yourself back up dust off your knees and just keep going, because bigger and greater things are just around the corner if you just keep trying."

Life sometimes seems to get hard right before great things happen for us, but those great things only happen if you dont let them get to you and you keep going no matter what and become a fighter for you dreams and goals in life. Sometimes when people in your life that love you and want great things for you but dont understand what your doing or why you are doing because they think it wont work they discourage you not because they dont care but because they want to protect you. Lattely things in my life have been a little harder than normal with the way the econmy is and all like a lot of other people out there even though I have many projects in the works like my photography and a few others and then are business to generate income comeing in our house hold since i havent been able to find or keep a decent job in awhile. Well great news for us Matts getting a promotion at this moment we are not sure what kind of promotion but hopefully it will come with a payraise because i dont know if anyone has noticed but life sucks and not all promotions come with a payraise as much as we would like it but we are keeping are fingers crossed and praying for the best. With that said he has more hours and with that hes paychecks have been better and if he gets a raise they will be even better so making it posible really soon if i dont find a job that i will be able to stay at home work on my projects that i will soon be bloging about soon, giving me more time in the day to get things done that need to get done that wouldnt if i had a job. Which is awesome I cant express how excited iam about this there are not enough words cause lets face it who likes to have a boss no one does it sucks so i might posible be getting the opportunity to be my own boss and start designing and sewing the dog and childrens clothes i have been wanting to do but not have the time or money to do so, Allso Iam thinking about taking on some clients in the neighborhood and doing some dog walking a little extra to help out with the expenses of fabric and thread and other things needed to do what iam wanting to do which will give me exercise as well since iam wanting to loose some weight before we start are family  which is awesome because this will give me the time to get everything i want and need to get done in a day and not have to stress about major issues that come with having a boss. In the end its great because a lot of people who know me I get really bad headaches not sure where they come from or why i get them but i do and some days its very hard for me to even function so with this it will make things so much eaiser for me when i have my own scedulle still making money getting things done around the house that need to be done and still having time to exercise and do things I love how awesome I love it and I love my amazing husband because with out him none of this would be posible for me and i would have to suffer and work a job with my headaches, life is amazing what can I say and now I will have the time to get everything done for are business and are home and still live very comfortable whoooo thats something to be excited about.

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