Friday, November 19, 2010

Freinds and Freindship 11/19/2010

I have allways hoped that one day I would have the best freinds that I allways had been to everyone else. I learned in order to have Great "Best Freinds" you have to be a Best freind first. To me Being a freind to someone means much more than just hanging out and partying on the weekends after work or school. A best freind is there to support you no matter what encourage you to do what ever it is your dreams and goals in life are and not bring you down. I heard once that if the people you hang out with make you feel worse about yourself after you are done hanging out with them, then they are not the type of people that you want as freinds or want to hang around. I can honestly say I belive I have found the "Best Freinds" that i want in my life. I used to think that some others"old assocaites"  were those people but I was wrong I even went as far to put up walls to see if they cared enough to break them down and my theroy was proven and not the way i wanted it to be. Iam glad to see this now I dont want to go through my life with Fake freinds and thats why iam truely blessed to have wonderful freinds in my life now. Freindship is not something you can buy with a beer or a trip out to the club or night out on the town or just a wild party at that persons house, Freindship takes time trust honesty and a constant person or persons to be there for you no matter what when your life is at its worst when you feel like you cant go on anymore the one that helps you out of that pit of Hell, the one who dances with you in the rain of the storms of your life, they are your cheerleaders of your life that encourage you to continue when you feel you cant anymore. Its not your 100's of freinds you have on Facebook either that you added just because they have so many freinds in common with you, Its the person you can count on to change your tire when you call them at 3 in the morning or you just need to talk. Iam truley blessed to have true freinds that i can count on my 10 fingers, that are allways there no matter what to help me through this journey this life of mine, I will allways be here for them just like I know in my heart of hearts that they will allways be there for me.

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