Friday, November 19, 2010

Dreams,Goals,Inspiration,Life.... 11/19/2010

A Goal is nothing but a Dream that is being Act opon.....

Iam A Wife, A Daughter, A Grandaughter, A Photographer, A Business Owner and Much more. Everyone Has Dreams and Goals in life, but saying one thing and acting opon them is another. In the past few years I have changed so much as an Indivdual, I dont say that bragging or oooo in your face, I say that because in order to succed in life there must be change in order to move on to that next step. I have gained freinds and lost some, I know now its for the better and that my life is going to be better than great when iam six feet under. I want to leave an Impact not a pin prick in this world. Me and Matthew have big plans for are life, Yes i know this sounds crazy because right now we rent a small two bedroom house with no room for a washer or dryer but hey its not how big your storm is its how big your God is right? How many times a day do you hear that you cant do something or you tell someone that they cant do something who gives us the right to say something cant be done when anything is posible when we set are minds to it. When Thomas Edison was invinting the Light Bulb he didnt fail 10,000 times he just found 10,000 ways not to build a lightbulb. We only fail at life and are dreams and goals when we give up and quit, so never say failure is not an option because when we learned how to ride a bike when we where younger how did we learn by failing, its try try try succed not try try try quit. Never let anyone in life tell you can not do something because that something did not work for them or someone they know if everyone followed that advice where would everyone be in this world we would not have the great invintions that we do have today in life would we have cars or would we still be walking or ridding horses? I know its a lot to think about but really people how many of you pay tons of money to go to school and graduate and then end up not doing in life what you went to school for  can we say waste of money? I mean Iam not downing education but lets get logical here, now if your not trying to accompish anything in life thats another story but who doesnt want great things out of life, I cant think of anyone but a Goal is only a Dream unless act opon. Allso you will never regret the things you did in life as much as you will regret the things in life you never tried. Yes me and my Husband have a busniess from Amway but powered by LTD educations system, Iam not brain washed, Iam not in a cult, I do not do a pyrmiad scheme, Its crazy the things I hear due to lack of knowledge from some people how can some people say the things they do say when they have not taken the risk to try it?  Anyways enough with the Negative. I cant wait to achive great things in my life, I will open a foundation in my Grandfathers name for the burned children, I will travel the world, I will do great things in my life for other people and who is there to stop me no one because i dont take no for an answer and I will not let someone tell me anymore something can not be done due to the fact they think it wont work or because something did not work for them that is being affraid of your dreams, and goals in life and I have wonderful freinds and family in my life weither someone is there to pick me up when i fall or to encourage me to keep going i know that i will make all my dreams  come true because I have the inspiration to make them into Goals and to take action.

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