Thursday, November 11, 2010

Ok so here we go my first Blog, whooo super excited to see where this goes, well a little about my crazness Iam 26 years old I will be officaly married for one year in 10 days. Me and Matthew have five children(pets)The first two that blessed are home are Akeno and Dusty, Akeno has extra paws constantly is getting into things he shouldnt and is orange. Dusty aka The Tank is a Main coon kitty and he weighs way more than your average house cat probaly i would have to say 25 pounds big kitty who does nothing but eat and sleep and from time to time he will beg like a dog not sure where that came from but yeah. Then theres Nicky he was are next child he is what we think a Chorkie not sure we rescued him from an abused home and i must say he is much happier and spoiled now. We did have some other kids but we had to get rid of them they where to much to deal with but then we decided hey we can do another cat right so I catch this wild little thing that has taken residence under my bed as his safety hide out when he thinks you want to hold him thats where L-Dub runs he is a fluffy orange Manix kitty who is an absoultly beautful cat, And then Theres Bella are fifth and last child she is a Morkie, she is my Terroist of the house. My mom talked me into getting this dog and let me just say i wasnt so happy about her at first. Bella Chews, she runs away and she doesnt listen and we are working on house training fun fun, i really think she would be a great hunting dog because she stalks the cats like she would stalk her prey.

Ok so on with me Iam 26 Iam a photographer, and I have decided iam going to start doing a lot of things like having our own Indoor Garden, and Making Dog clothes and maybe childrens i havent totaly decided on the childrens clothes yet, but before i can do that my G-MA has to show me how to sew so iam sure those will be some topics comeing up on my blogs. Allso iam on a journey for myself to loose a little weight because we are in the process of trying to start are family soon and I dont want to be overweight and pregnant just not a great combination so I have started walking on a regular bassis with Nicky and Bella and well thats a story on its on. Iam allso thinking of becomeing a dog walker I live in such a big neighborhood and there are so many busy professonals that live in here that i dont belive really have the time to walk there dogs so thats something else iam going to add to the list of things to try.

Theres a lot of stuff comeing up here soon, so iam sure i will be bloging about that stuff here shortly so stay tunned and if it ever gets to sounding confusing just let me know i get a little ahead of myself sometimes

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